Use Our Labor Day Camping Tips to Help Plan Your Trip!

Don’t put your new or used RV away for the season just yet – there’s still time to get in a great camping trip with your family before summer is officially over! Grab these Labor Day camping tips and plan another great outing before the weather gets cooler!

Lightweight Camping

Don’t Wait to Make Reservations

Lots of families head out for a final weekend of camping over Labor Day. Don’t count on walk-up admission…make reservations quickly and as soon as possible. Many indoor attractions and restaurants are operating at a reduced capacity right now, so if you know you want to visit someplace specific, make your reservations ASAP.  Also, have a backup plan handy in case places are full. Flexibility will help guarantee you still have fun!

The Weather Calls the Shots

Make sure to check the forecast before heading out, and pack accordingly. Different regions have different climates and change seasonally. What is torrential rain season for one area is dry season for the next, and with a burn ban. Makes it difficult to have a campfire either way! Those are two extreme examples, but the point is simple. Check the weather forecast and adjust your plans and your packing list to fit.

Shop for a Meal Plan

When my family heads out on vacation, I purchase dry goods, seasonings, and non-perishable road snacks ahead of time to work with the meal plan I have in mind. These ingredients pack lighter on the road than the weight of fresh ingredients that need to stay cold or on ice (which adds more weight). Buy and prep the ingredients you can for your meal plan, then simply hit a local grocery store when you arrive at your destination for the perishables.

Camping Tips

RV Service

Get your RV serviced just before you hit the road to make sure it’s ready for another trip. Routine maintenance is essential anyway; why not contact our RV service department today for a routine check? We can help get you on the road for Labor Day weekend with the peace of mind you want! Contact us today to schedule your RV service needs!

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