Tips for Saving Money While RVing

Vacations in your new or used RV may be more affordable than you think! With our tips for saving money while RVing, you can have a fantastic vacation without breaking the bank.

Tips for Saving Money


One great app you’ll want to have while on the road is the Overnight Parking Finder app. It’ll provide you with listings and directions to Walmart stores in your area, which allow you to park overnight.

Travel in the Off Season

One good idea if you have some scheduling flexibility is to travel during the off season…or at least not during high season. This idea is especially helpful for retirees, homeschooling families, or if your career requires that you work certain holiday weekends. Prices for staying, camping, parking, and general admission to local attractions are usually significantly lower in the off season. Many attractions offer half price or reduced admission after a certain point in the day, so if you only have a few hours to see an attraction, take advantage of reduced rates!

Tips for Saving Money

Do a little research when making your reservations to see if there are seasonal rate advantages you can enjoy if your schedule is flexible.

Plan Your Meals

Don’t eat out for every meal! Creating a meal plan can help reduce your food expenses while RVing. One easy way to plan a week’s worth of dinners is to plan to cook 3 nights, have leftovers twice, and go out to eat once or twice. Lunches can be easy sandwiches and canned soup. By giving just a little thought to your meals and maximizing the available space in your new or used RV’s pantry, you can save a lot of money on meals!

Finally, you can save even more money on food if you opt for meals that can be prepared in a Crock Pot or Instant Pot. Most of the ingredients can usually be dry ingredients, canned goods, or pantry staples, with the exception of a few fresh ingredients or meat which you can keep in the fridge. By sticking with simple, one-dish meals, you’re eliminating waste and saving money.

GasBuddy App

Don’t overpay at the pump! The GasBuddy app lets you know the best gas prices around. It’s easy to use, and you can pocket the savings! Put it on your phone today and don’t leave home without it!

Tips for Saving Money

By implementing these tips for saving money while RVing, you can enjoy an affordable vacation without stressing out about the budget. Contact us today if you are ready to save some money on a new or used RV as well!

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