RV Roof Maintenance

Maintenance for Fiberglass and Rubber RV Roofs

Your RV might be like a home to you, and you’re proud of it, so let’s work together to keep it in good condition. Repairing any damage to your roof is very important. RV Four Seasons knows your travel trailer is valuable, so we put together some information about how important fixing your fiberglass or rubber roof is. You might be a DIYer, but you might run into a problem that needs professional service. If this happens, feel free to bring your RV to us. We serve the area of Denver, CO, and also Loveland and Wheat Ridge.

Roof Leaks

You might not really think much about your RV until springtime. When the sun’s out and you’re planning your next vacation, sure, it’s a great time to do some maintenance so you’re ready to go! But some of the worst damage can be done to your fifth wheel during the colder months, and if you fix small problems before they become big problems, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache. When water gets into your travel trailer, it can cause mold and mildew if you don’t treat it in time. This happens a lot when your RV doesn’t have good ventilation, because otherwise the stagnant air just sits in your trailer and can turn into mold. This fungus can be dangerous for your health, and can also turn your RV into something you dread staying in, rather than a place where you feel comfortable.


As a first step, you should always look to your owner’s manual. In this book, you’ll find a bunch of information about the products, services, and techniques you can use to keep your RV in tip top shape. After that, plan ahead to do your repair when the weather will be dry for a few days, since your patch will take awhile to dry. Finally, before actually doing the repair, you’ll want to thoroughly clean your trailer’s roof. Use a mild detergent and a sturdy brush to clean off any sap, pollen, or other debris off your roof. After soaping the roof up completely, rinse it off and wipe away extra water with a squeegee, then dry the surface with a clean towel.

Fixing Cracks and Holes

Before purchasing a product to repair your trailer, check out the directions so you know if it’s the right kind of sealant for your trailer or the specific damage that needs fixed. You can usually fix small holes or cracks with a silicone or rubber sealant – just apply a generous line to the crack and use a putty knife to spread it around the edges. The sealant should be spread about an inch away from the crack in every direction. Bigger holes take a little more work, but if noticed early enough, you should still be able to fix them yourself. First, place a thick layer of adhesive around the hole’s edges. Next, put tape over the adhesive. And last, put more sealant on the tape, and scrape it through the screen with a putty knife. Repeat this process by applying multiple layers until the hole is covered completely.

Getting Professional Help

If there’s a large hole or tricky leak in your RV, we recommend bringing your trailer into the shop, so a professional technician can repair it. If you have a roof with serious damages, bring it on over to RV Four Season, and we’ll fix it up right away for you. We serve customers from Colorado Springs, CO and Cheyene, WY. We’re always happy to get your RV back in great shape, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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