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Cousins RV Staff

  • Jim Humble

    Jim Humble

    Email Jim
  • Drew Bryant

    Drew Bryant

    Partner / General Manager
    Email Drew
  • Travis Rudolph

    Travis Rudolph

    Finance Director
    Email Travis
  • Brian Strain

    Finance Department
    Email Brian
  • Sheila Fisher

    Sheila Fisher

    Office Manager
    Email Sheila
  • Brianna Mazzacca

    Briana Mazzucca

    Human Resources
    Email Briana
  • Delma Geisner

    Delma Gneiser

    Title Clerk
    Email Delma
  • Delma Geisner

    Christy Reno

    Email Christy

Sales | Wheat Ridge

  • Jeff Donelson

    Jeff Donelson

    Email Jeff
  • Ben Garcia

    Ben Garcia

    Email Ben
  • Brad Powers

    Brad Powers

    Email Brad
  • Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson

    Email Dave
  • Efrem Statter

    Efrem Statter

    Email Efrem
  • Bob Svenson

    Bob Svenson

    Email Bob

Service | Wheat Ridge

  • Jared Dooley

    Service Director
    Email Jared
  • Efrem Statter

    Mollie Hart

    Warranty Lead
    Email Mollie
  • Steve Brown Jr.

    Steve Brown Jr.

    Service Advisor
    Email Steve
  • Carl Fallon

    Service Advisor
    Email Carl
  • Cody Morrison

    Cody Morrison

    Service Advisor
    Email Cody
  • Greg Sonnenberg

    Greg Sonnenberg

    Lead Paint and Body Tech
    Email Greg
  • Scott Skidmore

    Scott Skidmore

    Body Shop Technician
    Email Scott
  • Tom Martinez

    Service Technician
    Email Tom
  • Ron Coffey

    Ron Coffey

    Service Technician
    Email Ron
  • Lance Garner

    Lance Garner

    Service Technician
    Email Lance
  • James DeYoung

    James DeYoung

    Service Technician
    Email James
  • Shane

    Shane Barnes

    Email Shane
  • Sypraseuth Keoboualapha

    Email Sypraseuth

Parts | Wheat Ridge

Photography | Wheat Ridge

  • Jaclyn Libes

    Photographer/Inventory Manager
    Email Jaclyn

Sales | Loveland

  • Taylor Hegerty

    Taylor Hegarty

    Finance Manager
    Email Taylor
  • Jacob Bartman

    Jacob Bartman

    Sales Manager
    Email Jacob
  • Mike Mattia

    Mike Mattia

    Email Mike

Service | Loveland

    • James Dooley

      James Dooley

      Parts & Service Manager
      Email James
    • Jordan Brick

      Jordan Brick

      Service Advisor
      Email Jordan
    • Garrison May

      Garrison May

      Service Advisor
      Email Garrison
    • Celest Bland

      Celest Bland

      Mobile Service Manager
      Email Celest
    • Jessica Miner

      Jessica Miner

      Detail Manager
      Email Jessica
    • Justin Moyes

      Justin Moyes

      Shop Technician
      Email Justin
    • Dalton Bland

      Dalton Bland

      Shop Technician
      Email Dalton
    • Nick Moyes

      Nick Moyes

      Shop Technician
      Email Nick
    • Dakota May

      Dakota May

      Shop Technician
      Email Dakota
    • Zach Chappell

      Zach Chappell

      Shop Technician
      Email Zach
    • Jackson Moore

      Jackson Moore

      Load Operator
      Email Jackson
    • Ben



Parts | Loveland

Sales | Colorado Springs

      • Ty Austin

        Ty Austin

        General Manager
        Email Ty
      • Aaron Thompson

        Aaron Thompson

        F&I Manager
        Email Aaron
      • Peter Feldmann

        Peter Feldmann

        Sales Manager
        Email Peter
      • Sheryl Austin

        Sheryl Austin

        Email Sheryl
      •  Stephanie Bowen

        Stephanie Bowen

        Email Stephanie
      • Megan Feldmann

        Megan Feldmann

        Inventory Specialist
        Email Megan
      • Brandon Rowley

        Aaron Owen

        Email Aaron
      • James DeYoung

        Tom Eubank

        Email Tom
      • Josiah Stuck

        Josiah Stuck

        Email Josiah
      • Samuel Ruhl

        Samuel Ruhl

        Email Samuel

Service | Colorado Springs

      • Kim Brown

        Kim Brown

        Service Manager
        Email Kim
      • James DeYoung

        Kenneth Sumpter

        Service Technician
        Email Kenneth
      • James Pfister

        Brandon Ray

        Service Technician
        Email Brandon
      • Bryan Harrison

        Bryan Harrison

        Service Technician
        Email Bryan
      • Brian Kuhnel

        Brian Kuhnel

        Service Technician
        Email Brian
      • Brandon Ellis

        Brandon Ellis

        Service Writer
        Email Brandon
      • James DeYoung

        Jason Straub

        Service Adviser
        Email Jason
      • James DeYoung

        Richard Lamontagne

        Email Richard
      • James Pfister

        James Pfister

        Mobile Service Technician
        Email James

Parts | Colorado Springs

      • Deby Anderson

        Deby Anderson

        Email Deby
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