Why Choose a Fifth Wheel?

Whether you’re trying to accommodate a big family, or you’re looking for more room as you spend more time on the road, fifth wheels can be an excellent next option for you as an RV group. Fifth wheels are towable RVs, and you can spot them by their signature fifth wheel hitch that gets installed directly into the bed of the tow vehicle, like the bed of a pickup truck, and creates an overlap between the two parts of the unit. They’re also some of the largest and most luxurious towable RVs on the market, so they naturally offer a lot of great features.

While these are often the more noticeable benefits of choosing a fifth wheel, there are lots of other reasons to go this route as you’re looking around at your options. RV Four Seasons in Loveland and Wheat Ridge, Colorado has listed a few of these so you can decide if you’ll want to check out some of the fifth wheel models we have on our lot right now. We’re near Denver, so stop by today and let us know what you’re looking for.

Unbeatable Value

When it comes to the towable RV groups, fifth wheels can get pretty expensive, there’s no avoiding that. But if you’re looking at it from the right angle, you’ll actually start to realize you’re getting a great value. When you’re looking at the size of each rig and the kinds of high-class amenities that come with it, then the price might seem more worth it. Not to mention, they’re going to last longer than some of the flimsier rigs, so you won’t have to drop the same amount of money as quickly.

Also keep in mind that they’re far from the most expensive RVs on the market as a whole, but they still offer all the same great benefits of some of the pricier rigs. Plus, if finances are a concern for you, you can always check out used models to save a little money.

Ease of Transport

Sometimes one of the biggest deterrents is the size. Not in the sense that people don’t want all that extra room, but someone has to move your fifth wheel from one place to the next. While the size may make it seem like towing a fifth wheel would be difficult and treacherous, there’s a reason the hitch is situated the way it is. The overlap between the RV and the tow vehicle provides more stability and control for the driver, which can actually make it safer and easier to tow. You’ll still need to spend plenty of time practicing and making sure your tow vehicle can handle the extra weight, but you might find this towing method is the better option.

Keep your Car Handy

Plus, because it’s a towable RV, you’re going to have your primary vehicle ready for any quick trips you may need to make. Even with the extra stability, it can be a hassle to try and maneuver narrow city streets or windy backroads with a large RV. Having the smaller vehicle handy is going to make these trips much easier, and fifth wheels will already require a commuter vehicle. You’ll just need to unhitch it to use it.

High Storage Capacity

Also consider all the great storage space you get with bigger RVs in general. With a fifth wheel, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a home for all the gear and supplies you’ll need for your camping trips. This can include cupboards and cabinets, as well as closets and pass-through exterior storage.

Another great reason to own a fifth wheel is the lower maintenance. There are fewer moving parts, even as big as they are, and they’re often built with sturdier materials to compensate for the bigger size. Because of this, you probably won’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance as much, but you’ll still have some need for an RV technician. No matter what RV you choose, make RV Four Seasons your one stop maintenance shop. We proudly serve Loveland, Wheat Ridge, and Denver, CO.

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