We Want Your Used RV

When it comes to things you’d rather be doing, we’d take a wild guess that selling your RV comes after getting a root canal or dinner with the in-laws. Selling your used RV takes work. From getting it cleaned both inside and out to taking pictures to actually meeting people to show them the RV. It’s truly another job.

Selling or consigning through Cousins takes all that work off your plate and puts it on ours.

rv consignment

You get:

  • Peace of mind
  • Top dollar paid
  • Fast, easy, process
  • Professional service
  • No set up or prep fees
  • Hassle free transactions
  • Free RV appraisal service
  • We handle all the paper work
  • All makes, models, years considered
  • Exchange or Trade for your dream RV
  • We want to help
  • No storage or lot fees
  • Quick and easy transactions
  • Let professionals sell it for you
  • Industry experts ready to help you
  • We handle all title work and bank pay offs
  • We can offer service, financing & warranties
  • Top dollar paid for every make, model and year
  • Pick up service available in the U.S. and Canada
  • Website exposure with thousands of visitors per month

Important Fact: 

Your RV will be featured on our Website that gets over 23,000 shoppers every month(74% searching for userd RV’s)
We will upload a professional video walk through of your RV to our YouTube channel (Over 100,000+ views every month)


Why consign or sell through Cousins RV?

  • Fast, easy & Hassle Free Process
  • Industry experts ready to help
  • Let professionals sell for you
  • No storage or lot fees
  • Free inspection

Free RV Appraisal

When you decide to sell through our dealership, you get a free RV appraisal by a professional team that knows the RV industry unlike any other. We can help determine the best pricing for your RV and get you the most money for your RV.

Free Professional Description

When you bring your RV in today you will get a free professional description written by our team. We have extensive experience creating descriptions that appeal to other RVers and highlight all the features of your RV in the best way possible.

Interested in learning more about selling or consigning your RV with us? Contact us. We’ll answer your questions, walk you through units, and ensure you have the information needed to make the best decision for your needs. We can also assist with RV financing. Affording your dream RV has never been easier.

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