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Interested in selling your RV, but not sure where to start. Many RVers begin thinking about selling their RV because they want to upgrade (or downsize if their kids have left the nest). Unfortunately, selling your RV isn’t always easy, especially in today’s day and age, where people can be downright unreliable.

Selling your RV takes a lot of work. Sometimes more than what it is worth.

Think about it. The first step in selling your RV is figuring out how much it’s worth. We have a super easy trade-in value estimating tool that makes getting that information simple if you’re consigning through us. But if you aren’t you have to do hours of research to see what other models like yours with similar wear and tear are selling for.

Once you have an idea of how much your RV is worth, you need to detail it. That means spending an entire day or two getting it cleaned up and show ready. You might find small things that need to be fixed so that you get the most money. But you know what they say, time is money. All of a sudden a couple of days of detailing turns into weeks of repairs you didn’t want to do.

But wait, there’s more. Your RV is valued and cleaned, but you need to take lots of pictures that are high quality. They need to appeal to people and make them want to buy your RV. And once the pictures are done you need to post them on Facebook, Craigslist, RV trader, and more.

Phew! That’s a lot of work. And then, you wait. And wait you wait. And you wait a little more until someone shows interest, only to cancel their appointment or just never show up.

There’s good news, though. You can avoid all of this. By consigning your RV with us we take care off all of the above. All you do is get the value done online, then bring your RV in and we give you a check for the price we agree upon. It’s never been easier to have us take care of all the work and you get your money up front.

Interested in consigning your RV? We want your RV. Fill out this form then get in touch with us to learn more. We can help your consign and sell your RV, then find a new RV for your needs.

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