Travel Trailer Cooking Tips

Cooking on the road can be challenging if you’re not prepared. RV Four Seasons has put together a list of some cooking essentials that will make cooking on the road a enjoyable process. Come see us in our Parts and Accessories Department at one of our dealerships in Wheat Ridge and Loveland, CO. We also serve the nearby areas of Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’re just a short drive from Cheyenne, WY.

Contain Your Food

One of the most common obstacles trailer travellers face is the containing the food. When packing the camper for a road trip, it is helpful to pack food in baskets and cartons that can be wedged together to avoid any shifting.When you’re packing the cupboards, it helps to pack boxes and packages together nice and snug. Using cupboard bars to trap the food in the and avoid items from falling out once the cabinet door is opened. For items in the fridge, bungee cords and fridge braces come in handy when trying to keep things like jugs of juice or jars from moving.

Lightweight Cups, Tableware and Silverware

In order to reduce risk, pack lightweight cups, tableware and silverware. Use plastic or silicone utensils for meals instead of using glass or ceramic items for meals. This will give you one less thing to worry about when taking sharp turns or coming to abrupt stops. It also makes cleanup in cramped quarters worry free.

Shelf-Stable Food

Depending on the type of traveling, shelf-stable food may be something you want to consider. If you are driving long distances, keeping a lot of raw meats and dairy products require more planning. Since the fridge isn’t always hooked up to electricity, the food will not stay at safe temperatures. This means you will have to keep the food over ice in a separate cooler. Stocking up on foods such as canned tuna and beans may be better options if you are planning on long drives.

Cooking Efficiently

Cooking efficiently in your travel trailer will save you both time and money. Depending on the time of year, cooking meals like pasta may not be the best idea. You will have to boil a large pot of water causing your trailers temperature to rise which is not ideal for warm nights. It also uses up propane, which, if you are limited, may not be the most efficient meal to cook. Quick foods like couscous or tacos that don’t require boiling will make your experience a lot easier.

Explore New Camp Cooking Techniques

If you are taking out your travel trailer to go camping, explore different cooking methods! Camping is a good opportunity to test out styles of preparation that you typically would not try at home. Dutch oven cooking is a traditional technique that gives food a smoky, outdoorsy taste. If you are sitting around a fire, foil packet meals are a quick and easy way to create personal meals for each camper to enjoy. You can also experiment with using skewers to cook foods like cinnamon rolls or kebabs over the campfire. In the morning you may find specialty coffee brewing techniques to be easier than setting up and cleaning an electric coffee pot. Aeropress coffee makers are portable, petite, and brews very quickly. Since it is made of plastic, you do not have to worry about glass coffee pots breaking during travel!

Are you excited to get cooking? Stop by RV Four Seasons in Loveland and Wheat Ridge, CO with any additional questions you might have. We proudly serve our neighbors in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’re just a short drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming!

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