RV Tips for Spending Thanksgiving in Your RV

Are you traveling in your new or used RV for the holidays? We’re ready to help! Follow a few of our RV tips for spending Thanksgiving in your RV below!

RV Tips

The Bird

One of the best things you can decide from the outside is to prepare the turkey out of the oven. This means using a slow cooker or countertop air fryer or deep fryer. The advantage of these methods is that you’ll enjoy a slow-roasted bird that stays juicy and doesn’t dry out. Buy a smaller bird and get to work!

Side Dish Solutions

Thanksgiving – and other holiday meals – are known for side dishes in excess. But which ones do you really have to have? Whether it’s Aunt Edith’s deviled eggs or Grandma’s corn casserole, pick your favorites that you can’t do without and prioritize those. If you’re gathering with family, divide up the side dishes and get others to volunteer to bring them.

Also, consider make some of your side dishes in advance, transfer to food storage containers or bags, and freeze. Remove from the freezer the night before and thaw in the fridge. On feasting day, all you need to do is heat them through. Be mindful of how much to prepare, as well. Leftovers are great, but remember that you only have so much space in your RV’s fridge.

Prep Desserts in Advance

All pies need to be made and baked the night before – no exceptions! Save your oven for heating up side dishes the day of.

The Setting

One way you can recover on cabinet space in your new or used RV is to skip the “real” dishes and tableware. Spare yourself laundering table cloths, placemats, and fancy holiday napkins by opting for disposable versions of the same.

No need to light a scented candle since the meal will be all the aroma you need, but if you want something a little pretty on the table, grab a pretty branch of fake autumn leaves and use them as a table runner.

Also, if you’re having a few guests join you for the meal, use the bunkhouse in your new or used RV to stash their coats and jackets.

The holidays can provide some of the most fun your family has all year, and using your RV for Thanksgiving is no exception! We can help you get on the road safely for the holidays with some RV service, so contact us today!

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