RV Tips for an Eco-Friendly Camping Trip

Turn over a new leaf in 2023 by planning your camping trips in your new or used RV to be more environmentally friendly! Going green is easier than it seems. Here are some RV tips for an eco-friendly camping trip.

Skip the Packaged Snacks & Food

Really. We mean it. You can make your own trail mix, granola, and protein snacks that aren’t just healthier and packaging free but cheaper, too! Pack along easy raw foods like clementines and baby carrots, or DIY some dried fruit ahead of time – like bananas, mango, and apple slices.

RV Tips

Also, pre-planning your meal menu can save a lot in packaging and food waste. Preassemble casseroles and soups and freeze them in freezer safe dishes.

We know it’s easy to grab Pop Tars, frozen pizzas, and canned soup, but you end up with a lot of packaging waste that isn’t always easy to recycle.

Reuse Your Water Bottle – and Dishes

This one is huge. Stop buying one-time-use bottled water for good. Invest in some good reusable water bottles. Storebought bottled water may be convenient, but so is simply refilling your water bottle, saving our planet the burden of bottle pollution.

RV Tips

And as convenient as disposable dinnerware is, you can make an easy choices to simply switch. Paper or Styrofoam plates, plastic ware, and napkins/paper towels add up – and can be hard recycle. A good set of shatterproof dishes and a dishwashing schedule chart (so that everyone in the family has an equal share) can reduce what’s hitting the landfill.

Eco-Friendly Products

Switch out your detergents, body, and hand soaps for biodegradable versions! But don’t stop there. Shop around for the best eco-friendly insect repellant, sunscreens, and other skin ointments. Ask our RV service department about adding solar panels to your new or used RV to make better use of the natural energy provided by the sun. Save money and energy on laundry by using a clothesline to dry your items – and if you really want to reduce your energy impact, using a manual, portable washing machine like this one.

RV Tips

RV Service Before You Go

Get the best fuel efficiency you can by getting your RV in for routine service and maintenance. Clogged or dirty filters and old oil can drastically impact the wellbeing of your engine and the gas mileage you’re getting. Contact us today to schedule some RV service or to ask any questions about our lightweight new and used RVs for sale that can be easily towed by smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles!

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