RV Tips: A Quick Guide to Dumping and Flushing Your Black Tank

There are a few essentials you want to take with you in a camping trip in your new or used RV, and one of those essentials is knowing how to dump and flush your black tank. It’s not anyone’s favorite job, but with our easy step by step, you can take care of it like a pro.

Attaching The Sewer Hose

Our RV parts catalog includes RV sewer hoses at different lengths to make the process easy. Typically, RV sewer hoses range from 10-20 feet, which you can connect to each other if the dump station is further than 10 feet from your RV.

RV Tips

The first thing you need to do is attach the elbow lock to one end of the sewer hose. The elbow lock then attaches to the dump station.

RV Tips

The other end of the sewer hose has locking tabs, which you will need to click firmly into place on your RV’s sewer mount. Remove the valve cap on the sewer mount – and if you have any questions at all about this, contact us for help. Given the nature of the job, you want to make sure you get it right!

Empty The Tank

Emptying the black tank should always come first, before you empty the grey tank. The grey tank serves a great added purpose here: as its soapy water empties, it runs through the sewer hose, which flushes and cleans it as you go.

What Is a Black Tank Flush?

Flushing the black tank after or during the dump sends fresh water through the black tank – and, like the grey water coming through the hose, it simply cleans the black tank and helps it stay as clean as possible. It’s always ideal to do a black tank flush while or just after you dump.

First things first: find the black tank flush connection is. If it’s not already clearly labeled, do that now (you don’t want it mixed up with the city water connection). You’ll attach your hose like a garden hose, and when you have a good connection to the gasket, open the black tank valve.  It’s important to open the valve before you start the flush because if the black tank isn’t fully empty yet, or has a clog, sending in a bunch of fresh water will only pressurize the tank – a recipe for disaster. Open the value to relieve the pressure first, and then turn on the water and run it until it runs clear through the elbow lock.

Following these easy RV tips for a black tank dump and flush can help make quick work of an unpleasant job, and maintain the cleanliness and quality of your black tank in your new or used RV for a long time to come. Contact us today if you have any questions about the process!

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