Great Selection of Teardrop Trailers In Colorado

Teardrop travel trailers are a favorite among RVers because of how lightweight and aerodynamic they are. You’ll love how these RVs making towing a breeze, yet are full of features that you’d expect to find in heavier and larger RVs. Ideal for up to 2 people, the Braxton Creek Free Solo OG was designed to provide individuals and couples with everything they need to enjoy their time in the great outdoors. It doesn’t come with features that some larger RVs have, but this helps to maintain its lightweight ness and aerodynamic design. One of the most unique things about these RVs is how the hatchback portion of the RV is where you will find the kitchen! This is all a part of maintaining aerodynamics and smooth towing.


Braxton creek travel trailer

The 2021 Braxton Creek Free Solo OG was designed to sleep up to 2 people and measures 13′ long. It offers all the features you could want in an RV, including a kitchen and underbed storage. There is also a heavy-duty roof rack that was designed to make bringing along some of your favorite camping gear easier than ever.

  • Hatchback Kitchen
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Heavy-Duty Roof Rack
  • Under-Bed Storage Boxes
  • All-Terrain Radial Tires

Braxton cree floorplan

Additionally, this teardrop trailer offers a complete climate control system. There’s a 5,000 BTU air conditioner and a 12,000 BTU furnace. If you prefer to just enjoy the fresh air then you will love the 12V three-speed vortex roof vent.

Two twin mattresses provide an expansive sleeping space for up to 2 people, making this the idea couple’s coach or perfect for an individual who enjoys solo camping. There are multiple USB outlets, a well as 110v and 12v outlets so you’ll be able to remain connected with the outside world if that’s what you want to do.

Overzied, lockable entry doors also have built-in slider windows, while oversized all-terrain radial tires feature apex gun-metal, rally-sport wheels. There is also a torsion-flex independent suspension axle with electric brakes and maxi-clearance design, and an under-mount hidden spare tire with EZ-crank access system.

Interested in learning more about our selection of teardrop trailers for sale? Contact us. We’ll answer your questions, walk you through units, and ensure you have the information needed to make the best decision for your needs. We can also assist with RV financing. Affording your dream RV has never been easier.

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