Get Your Towing Capacity With Our Tow Guides

One key to purchasing a New RV is to find out exactly how much your vehicle can tow. Not paying attention to this important step can lead to potentially harmful and dangerous situations with your car. That is why we, here at Cousin’s RV, offer easy-to-use tow guides to help you determine how much of an RV you can handle.

Fifth Wheel
Big or small, no matter the size of the RV, be sure to find out your towing capacity first.

How To Use

With our tow guides, you simply need to know that year, make, and model of your vehicle. Our website will quickly and easily pull the max towing capacity of your vehicle. It is important that you know this number includes not only the weight of the RV that you wish to tow but also the weight of the passengers, accessories, current liquids in the tanks, and additional cargo.

Tow Guide
Our tow guides are simple to use.

Additional Terms

When learning about your towing capacity, there are certain terms to increase your knowledge and lead to a smart and safe decision. Things such as dry weight, gross vehicle weight, tongue/hitch weight, and pin weight all pertain to the the different parts of the recreational vehicle itself. You will also need to know about cargo weight and payload capacity to determine all of the additional weight that comes with your car.

Tear Drop Trailer
Finding the perfect RV makes all the difference.

Simply picking out an RV without doing any research on its weight and whether or not your vehicle can handle it could lead to you having to purchase an all new car in order to safely use your new camper. That is why our tow guides are so essential to the RV buying experience.

We want to make sure that you get exactly what you need, so if you have any further question, be sure to contact us today. Then be sure to stop by our location and take a look at our huge selection of new RVs to find the perfect camper for you.

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