Every Ounce Counts! Check Out Our RV Tips for Lightweight Camping Trips

When you get ready to head out for a camping trip in your new or used RV, it’s important to stay within your vehicle’s towing capacity. You can take a look at our handy tow guides here to determine what you can safely tow, but if you’re looking for some extra ways to cut back on what you’re packing, take a look at our RV tips for lightweight camping trips.

Food: Meals & Snacks

Water weighs quite a lot, and can add unneeded pounds to your kitchen items. One way to cut back on food weight is to use dehydrated or freeze dried foods. Not only do they take up much less space, but are incredibly shelf stable and need less (or no) refrigeration. Dehydrated and freeze dried meats, fruits, vegetables, and powdered drinks are all great options for saving food weight while camping.

Lightweight Camping

Linens: Towels & Blankets

Quick dry or microfiber towels and linens weigh much less than their fluffier versions!  Shammy/chamois towels are perfect for the RV kitchen, bathroom, and cleaning up after swimming. You might not think of towels and other linens as a way to save weight, but when it comes to packing, “every ounce counts!”

Lightweight Camping

Also, there are many blankets (and sleeping bags) that are specifically designed as lightweight camping gear without sacrificing on warmth. Invest in lightweight blankets for your new or used RV’s bedroom, sofa sleeper, bunkhouse, and convertible dinette. Not only will you save on weight, but you’ll save on space as well.

Laundry & Cleaning

Detergent and liquid soaps weigh a lot! Make the swap for detergent sheets and tabs in the kitchen and your laundry needs.

Lightweight Camping

Clothing & Gear

Outdoor stores don’t just sell lightweight clothing specifically for the outdoors just to make a pretty penny. You’ll find clothing that’s lightweight, packable, functional, and weather resistant – and it will definitely be worth the investment!

This is also the right time to check on all of your camping gear for damage – or if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. But if you replace anything, opt for lightweight materials such aluminum frames, and tools that multitask so you can pack fewer items that do more work.

Lightweight Camping

Ready to get packing? Contact us today – we can help you with questions about any of our new or used RVs for sale, as well as your vehicle’s towing capacity!

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