Choosing a Motorhome

Choosing the Right Motorhome for Your Family


If you love RV camping, a motorhome represents the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. While fifth wheels and travel trailers are nice, they require a tow vehicle, and set up can be a complicated task. With motorhomes, everything is simple and straightforward so you can spend more of your vacation feeling like you’re actually on vacation! Whether you have a large family for whom you need several beds and significant space, or you’re going solo and want something more manageably sized, motorhomes are the right choice. Below, we’ve broken down the various options for motorhomes. Stop by RV Four Seasons and check out these awesome motorhomes for yourself. We’re located in Loveland, Colorado, and we proudly serve Wheat Ridge, Virden, and Denver.


There are three main classes of motorhome and they are primarily differentiated by size. These classes are labeled somewhat counterintuitively: Class A is the largest, Class B is the smallest, and Class C is in the middle.

  • Class A motorhomes are typically built on large commercial bus chassis and are the largest of the motorhome classifications. These motorhomes are extremely spacious and can feature numerous beds, making them perfect for larger groups. Because they are built on larger chassis, they also tend to have big engines which give them the ability to tow trailers or other vehicles behind.
  • Class B motorhomes are the smallest class of motorhome, and they’re great for individuals, couples, and small families. These motorhomes are typically built on commercial van or small commercial truck chassis. Some have powerful enough engines to tow small trailers, but in general they aren’t exactly towing machines. These usually feature one or more beds, a galley, and sometimes a bathroom.
  • Class C motorhomes sit between Class A and Class B and are typically built on commercial truck or bus chassis. Once again, they are in the middle in terms of power and towing capabilities, but many diesel varieties do fine towing. This type of motorhome can be good for medium-sized families looking to getaway.


Amenities make a major difference in your experience of an RV. In the kitchen, appliances make a big difference. A residential-size refrigerator is crucial for larger families who need more food carrying capacity. In the bedroom, the quality of mattress can determine how good you sleep. Delicate sleepers should always look for a mattress upgrade. In the bathroom, you can usually choose whether you get a normal toilet, a real shower, or even a bath. There are also a number of features you might not think about that relate to the practical functions of the RV. An automatic leveling system is a nice touch that allows you to set up camp quickly. A security system will give you peace of mind, and many models can even connect to your smartphone. Backup monitoring systems are extremely helpful, especially when navigating tight campgrounds. When you’re new to RVing, you might not know what amenities to get and which ones really make a difference. An experienced RV professional can help you along this decision and tell you which amenities are worth it and which ones are mostly for show.


Perhaps the greatest factor in terms of motorhome pricing is the level of luxury you choose. It’s not just about the trim package, either. More luxury motorhomes will be built differently from the chassis up. For the most part, you’ll be able to find motorhome manufacturers that will suit your needs for as much money as you want to throw at them. Everything from leather upholstery to hardwood cabinetry to advanced technology can be attained for the right price. If you want to spare no expense, there will always be a brand that’s ready to work with you.

You’ll really start to get an idea of what type of motorhome might work best for your family when you see them in person. RV Four Seasons Loveland features many of the top brands and we have the best prices. Located in Loveland, Colorado, we proudly serve the areas of Wheat Ridge, Virden, Denver, Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder, and Greeley. Give us a call or stop by today!

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