Celebrating Christmas In The Camper

This year’s holiday season is going to look a little different (as if 2020 wasn’t different enough). If you’re trying to figure out how to make Christmas special, while still following social distancing and other guidelines, have you considered taking a trip in your RV? Whether you take it to visit family or just want to hit a national park, hitting the road in your RV is a great way to make memories and safely get away.

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Decorate Your RV


If you plan to use your RV over the holidays, do everyone a favor and decorate it. We could all use some Christmas cheer. Whether you put battery operated lights on it, hang wreaths on the door, or attach Rudolph antlers to it, every bit of decorating you do will bring cheer to people on the road and at your campground.

Decide What You’re Doing

Some people might use their RV to hit a park and others might use it as a safe place to sleep in while visiting family. Whatever you decide to do, take advantage of what you have available to you to participate in holiday traditions. If you’re using it to visit family, try baking cookies. if you’re hitting a park, plan your meal according to that.

What you’re doing will decide how you use your RV to celebrate Christmas.

Of course, wherever you are, be sure to take some time to unwind and enjoy watching a Christmas movie in the living room.

Enjoy The Freedom

One of the best things about RVing is the fact that you have so much freedom. Make sure you enjoy the freedom of RVing by taking advantage of the opportunities it provides you. Avoid long lines at the airport, having to schedule around rental cars, and of course, exposing yourself to COVID.

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