Camping Games: More Fun With The Family

RVing is a great time to spend with family, sitting outside by the campfire, and having fun. One way that you can take your campsite to another level of fun is by bringing along a few camping games for everyone to enjoy. Let’s check out a few common games that you can play every time you are at the campground.

Cornhole and washers are an easy to play and easy to store game perfect for the campground.

Tossing Games

One type of campground game tossing games with cornhole and washers being the most common. With both of these games, all you need is two boards, one with one hole and one with three holes, and either a set of washers or a set of bean bags filled with corn. These games consist of two teams trying to get their washers or bags in the holes or on the board and be the first to score 21 points. These games are simple for any age and are a great way to spend time outdoors.

Enjoy more involved games with just a net and right equipment.

Net Games

Bringing along a net and setting it up at your campsite is another fantastic way to have more fun. A net can be used to play volleyball, badminton, and pickleball. With a ball or birdie and a set of rackets or paddles, your family can enjoy an endless selection of games to get everyone moving. You can even have an RV Tournament with your family and crown a champion!

You can even have games at night.

Night Games

But camping games are not just for the daytime. There are plenty of activities you can do by the fireside or even just in the dark. With a water bottle and some glow in the dark rings, you can have a nighttime game of ring toss. And sitting by the fire is made even more magical when you play wink murder where you give everyone a card and the Ace of Spades is the murderer. Sit in the flicker of the fire and watch your family members “die” as you try to guess who the murderer is before getting “killed” yourself.

With these camping games and so much more, RVing is truly one of the best family vacations. If you are ready to spend your next trip at the campground, contact us or stop by our location and shop our huge selection of new RVs today!

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