5 Camping Tips for First Time Campers

Are you getting ready to go camping for the first time with your family in a new or used RV? Camping is loads of fun, especially when you have properly prepared for the outing. Here are some camping tips for first time campers that will not only help your first trip go well, but keep your vacations memorable for years to come!

  • What Do You Mean By “Camping”?

The term camping covers a broad range of experiences. Some people prefer luxury outings, others want a more rugged experience, and many people fall somewhere right in the middle! We have new or used RVs for sale that help you enjoy exactly the kind of vacation you want. If you’re hoping for a rugged, down to earth experience in the great outdoors, and need something on the minimalist side, take a look at our teardrop trailers, pop up campers, or truck campers for sale. If you want something loaded with creature comforts, consider shopping for a luxury motor home, travel trailer, or fifth wheel.

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  • Get to Know Your Gear

Don’t just spring for equipment, throw it in the RV, and hit the road. Do a test run with all of your equipment and get to know how it works. From picnic tents to hammocks, take the time to test out everything. This is also the right time to check for any missing hardware, straps, other pieces.

Camping Tips

  • Meal Plan in Advance

It’s easy to outspend your food budget while camping. One way you can keep your food expenses in check is to make a meal plan from the outset and stick to it. Decide which meals you want to cook at the campsite and prep what you can in advance – portion off smaller amounts of seasonings, combine soup and casserole ingredients in food storage bags and freeze, etc. – and which meals you’ll be eating out. You can’t stick to a budget or plan if you don’t have one.

Camping Tips

  • Familiarize Yourself with Campground Policies

Make sure you read campground rules and policies and communicate them clearly to all of your family members – including your kids. Courtesy is essential. Specifically, pay attention to pet guidelines, noise ordinances, firewood rules, and even campground visitor policies. Also, take a look at the campground hours of operation/check in so you can get in at a decent hour with plenty of daylight to set up camp.

  • Let the Forecast Be Your Guide

The weather forecast can give you a good idea of what to expect, but you’ll want to pack for temperature and weather fluctuations in a ten degree difference on either side of the projected forecast. Chilly nights can still come on the heels of warm days, and unless you’re staying in the desert, rain is always a possibility. Make sure to pack extra jackets, rain gear, outdoor shoes, and plenty of socks.

Camping Tips

We’d love to help you enjoy fantastic camping trips for years to come in a new or used RV, so contact us today and we can help you pick out the perfect unit for your family’s needs!

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