3 Ways to Make Planning Your Next RV Trip Easier

Spring is here and with that comes the sweet anticipation of planning your next RV trip. Trip planning doesn’t have to be hard. With these tips you’ll be able to make the planning almost as fun as getting to your destination. Once you get to your destination, you just unpack and enjoy making memories with your family so you don’t have to worry about anything unpredictable that you might have missed out on if you hadn’t planned in advance.

Pack To Layer

You can even have games at night.

Spring and early summer weather is notoriously unpredictable. With that in mind, be sure to pack with the idea of layering in mind. This will allow you to dress warmer in the morning and shed layers as the day warms up. Then, in the evening, you can add layers back when the temperatures cool down.

Expect Mud

Mud is a given during the spring, but just because it’s muddy out doesn’t mean you need to dirty your RV. Bring a couple of binds to keep muddy clothes and shoes in outside of your RV. A third bucket can be used to have fresh water in so you can rinse your shoes and then leave them to dry outside of the RV in another bin.

Plan Ahead


Planning ahead is always helpful, but with COVID still an issue across the country it’s important that you really plan ahead now. Make it a point to call where you plan to stay so you can understand what their protocols are. Many places are operating under reduced capacity, so you may have to book spots extra early, put down a bigger deposit, or even book only online. The important thing is that you know what you need to do to avoid any surprises that put a damper on your trip.

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