3 Simple Fall Camping Tips


Fall is actually one of the best times of the year to camp. Why? Well, to start with most campgrounds are less busy and rates will usually drop too, since it’s considered the off season. But more than that, fall offers lovely weather, fewer bugs, and more opportunities to view different wildlife. These 2 simple fall camping tips will help you get the most out of your fall camping experience and will likely keep you coming back year after year for more fun.


fall camping tip: layering

Layering is your best friend during the fall season. After all, days usually start out cool then end up at a comfortable temperature midday. By layer you’ll ensure any morning activities are bearable and can remove layers as the weather heats up. Similarly, if you’re out in the evening, remembering to layer will keep you toasty as temperatures drop.

Get a Headlamp

headlamp for camping

Packing a headlamp will help make setting up and tearing down much easier as the days shorten. You’ll appreciate having your hands free and the ability to get everything together without causing a ruckus for your neighbors.

Get a Heated Mattress Pad

Albeit a little pricey, a heated mattress pad will keep you toasty without having to run your heater throughout the night. This is particularly useful if you’re boon docking and rely on solar energy. Just remember to turn it off when you get up so you aren’t sucking energy during the day. If you’re at a campground that has electrical the heated mattress pad is still a great option for anyone who might get cold, but has a spouse who runs warm. Most have two sided controls, so you can stay warm, while your spouse’s side is off. With this set up, everyone is kept at their optimal temperature.

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