3 RVs with a Bath and a Half You Have to See!

When you’re making a list of the floor plan features you absolutely have to have in a new or used RV, don’t overlook an RV with a bath and a half! Having a bath and a half will be a convenience your family will never regret investing in. It makes traveling easier as well as more convenient. Take a look at some of our RVs with a bath and a half for sale below to see some examples!

RVs with a Bath and a Half

Central Access

One floor plan configuration to consider when shopping for an RV with a bath and a half is for the half bath to be centrally located, like the one in our Alliance Paradigm fifth wheel for sale. Take a look at this bird’s eye floor plan:

RVs with a Bath and a Half

You can see that the half bath is centrally located, making access easy for everyone no matter where they are. You can grab tons of photos and features here.

Exterior Access

Another floor plan configuration you might is one that gives you exterior access to the half bath – like our Wildwood Heritage Glen fifth wheel for sale.

RVs with a Bath and a Half

Slip out early to catch a morning kayak around the lake, or enjoy a peaceful walk in the quiet hours of the campground. Having a half bath with exterior access lets you in and out of the RV without waking everyone up. Get more photos and features here.

Private Bunk House Access

Finally, having a half bath with private access from the bunk house is an absolute essential if you have a big family or like to welcome overnight guests. One example would be our Transcend Xplor travel trailer for sale from Grand Design.

RVs with a Bath and a Half

The half bath on this unit is configured in such a way that whoever is sleeping in the bunkhouse has their own privacy to freshen up. Check out more features and photos here!

Other Advantages to Shopping for an RV with a Bath and a Half

Besides the access options that make life easier, one of the obvious advantages of having an RV with a bath and a half is the convenience it offers everyone!

RVs with a Bath and a Half

Nobody likes having to wait in line for the bathroom, and this feature gives you just the right amount of convenience. No more stopping at rest stops or gas stations! Say goodbye to relying on dirty public facilities and enjoy having your own convenient space.

We can help you find the ideal new or used RV that has all of the floor plan features your family wants. Contact us today!

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